South Orangetown Central School District

First graders at William O. Schaefer Elementary School are getting ready for their Fall Art Show! This month, WOS Art teacher Liz Piteo will host art shows to display original artwork created by first grade students for friends and family to see what projects they have been working on this school year.

 Students are working on their final pieces that will be featured in the art show this week. Inspired by the artwork of author/illustrator Eric Carle, students are creating woven fruit basket collages. “Learning about textile arts and the craft of weaving—known to be a specialty in many parts of the world. The art of weaving is considered a life skill,” explained Piteo. “It helps us understand patterning, logical thinking and enhances fine motor skills!”

 To create the collage, students first had to make baskets using strips of paper and create a woven pattern. Using wooden stencils in the shape of various fruits and their own painted paper, students cut out the shapes and glued them to appear as if the fruit is sitting in the basket.

WOS first grade art class