South Orangetown Central School District

Cottage Lane Elementary Technology teacher Jacob Tanenbaum is introducing fifth graders to 3D modeling using the digital design program Tinkercad!

 To begin the lesson, Tanenbaum started the class by creating a sample house and garage to show students the different elements they could use to create their own unique design. Students were encouraged to practice using different shapes and explore the various customizations they can use within their designs. 

“While it is Computer Science Education Week, we really celebrate it all year in my class!” said Tanenbaum. “We work on a variety of long-term projects throughout the year. Whenever I introduce a new program, I let students play around with it and experiment with different features. I call these ‘sandbox days’ as they are learning by playing. When it’s time to build their project, the students have a basic understanding of the program.”

 Once students have practiced using the program, they will be tasked with designing a race car that will be 3D printed and used in a competition to see which design can go the fastest on a hot wheels track.

3D Modeling at CLE