South Orangetown Central School District

Over the last several weeks, fifth graders at Cottage Lane Elementary School have been learning about the Aztec, Inca and Mayan civilizations as part of their social studies curriculum.

Bill McAuliffe and Melanie Nunes’s class and Jaime Tan and Kelly Walsh’s class chose one of the civilizations to create a poster board— complete with their research, pictures with captions and fun facts. “The boards are a cumulation of their Aztec, Incan, and Maya unit. The students researched a civilization, wrote an essay and created a board about why the civilization was complex. All the student work was done in class with classroom materials,” K-5 Literacy Instructional Coach Kristy Nadler said. 

After completing at least four weeks of research on their topics and creating poster boards with their research, the students got to have their posters displayed in the Might Five libraries as well as the South Orangetown Middle School and Tappan Zee High School libraries. Nadler noted, “The students were so excited to know their boards would be displayed. When we reached out to ask the libraries to support the students’ work, all the libraries happily agreed!”

Last week, students from McAuliffe and Nunes’s class had the opportunity to visit the Blauvelt Library to see some of their posters displayed. During their visit, Head of Youth Services Marybeth Darnobid gave students a tour of the library, shared the history of the library and read students the book, “Richard Wright and the Library Card.”

Thank you to the Blauvelt Library, Orangeburg Library, Piermont Library, Palisades Library and Tappan Library for displaying our students’ work!

Fifth grader with poster displayed in the Blauvelt Library