South Orangetown Central School District

Today, Cottage Lane Elementary School wrapped up their celebration of #StartWithHelloWeek with School Spirit Day and a fun, conversation starter activity during lunch periods!

Throughout the week, CLE students engaged in a variety of classroom and group activities including performing random acts of kindness, complimenting their classmates and writing messages of positivity with sidewalk chalk during recess. This afternoon, students were given cards with questions to ask classmates at their lunch tables to help them get to know each other better. “Start With Hello Week” is a great initiative to help students connect with each other, especially since it’s held within the first couple of weeks of the school year. It’s the perfect time to help build the school community and spread positivity,” explained CLE School Psychologist Jenny Graziano. “This activity in particular is helpful for students because it helps spark conversations with fun questions they normally wouldn’t think to ask their friends or classmates. It’s been such a great week filled with all different activities and the kids really enjoyed it!”

CLE Start with Hello Week