South Orangetown Central School District

Live from the Lane, it’s CLE NEWS!

CLE NEWS is an enrichment pop-up program at Cottage Lane Elementary School in which students produce a live news broadcast every Friday morning. The pop-up is run by K-12 Instructional Technology Coach Marc Eckert, CLE Library teacher Kristine Wagner and Technology Education teacher Jacob Tanenbaum and involves fourty students from fourth and fifth grade. Students rotate out every six weeks and they create pre-recorded new segments to present during the weekly live segment. Athena T. said, “Our teachers selected two students from each class and when we walked into the library, we didn’t expect we’d actually be doing a real news show! In my mind, I keep on thinking, ‘Wow, I’m actually on the news!’’

Students work together to develop news-worthy headlines and news segments that would be of interest to their peers including the weather, footage and highlights from field trips and new staff and student introductions. “We have to write the scripts and then go out and film the interviews ourselves. In the studio in our library, we set everything up including the microphones and now, we’re using a green screen so we can choose the backgrounds,” explained Maggie C.

Today, students produced their third broadcast and are now learning how to use the sound board. “It was really fun to use the sound board! It makes me feel like I’m on an actual news show. When we first started, I was happy, scared and nervous to do it but now, I just love it and want to keep on doing it,” noted Priscilla R. Rylee D. added, “I think it’s fun because you have the opportunity to present to the entire school and see what it takes to make a news show happen. We get to do our own research of the news and work together to draft ideas.”

The CLE NEWS broadcast is shown to every class as part of the morning announcements every Friday and to view past broadcasts, visit the CLE webpage.

CLE News Broadcast