South Orangetown Central School District

French Honor Society Induction

On November 9, twenty-six Tappan Zee High School juniors were inducted into The Société Honoraire de Français!

The honor society recognizes high achievement of junior and senior French language students. The honor society’s goal is to stimulate interest in the study of French, promote and reward high standards and create an enthusiasm for and an understanding of Francophone culture and civilization.

“French is spoken by approximately 320 million people in twenty-nine countries across five continents. This group of students, through their achievements, contribute to the furthering of diversity in the French speaking world. They have shown how they are aware of the international world stage and understand how valuable a second language is for their futures. Whether it will be financially through career choice, academically through further study in college or culturally as personal enrichment,” explained honor society advisor and World Language teacher Elaine Hayes. “This year we had our largest FHS induction number ever! Twenty-six juniors join our already inducted seniors, to celebrate their language success. Knowing any language broadens the mind, because when one learns another language, one is immersing themselves in the diversity and culture that permeates today’s global world. Congratulations to all new inductees!”

Congratulations to: Sam A., Michael A., Isabelle A., Eliana A., Ellary B., Emma C., Anna C., Colm D., Grace D., Miles H., Michael H., Ali K., Jowalie L., Adam L., Karoline L., Elizabeth M., Nuala M., Sophia M., Lizbeily M., Isabella O., Isabella P., Ricky M., Madeline S., Sophia T., Benjamin T., Jude W.