South Orangetown Central School District


Effective September 14, 2021: The District is reviewing its committee structures and processes for the 2021-22 school year. Information on this page may no longer be accurate and is subject to change.

South Orangetown utilizes an inclusive committee model to advance student achievement and wellness through collaboration and strategic planning. Through committee participation, parents and community members have the opportunity to work with administrators, teachers and, in some cases, students, to identify and discuss issues and make recommendations for improvement.

School Leadership Teams (SLT)

Each school has a School Leadership Team. Discussion items are chosen by each team; recommendations are advisory and made by consensus.

Each SLT is comprised of: 1 parent per grade level + 1 parent at large; 1 teacher per grade level + 1 teacher at large; 1 administrator; 1 student (where appropriate); and, other members as needed and as appropriate. Parent SLT members must have child enrolled in the building they represent. Members can represent any grade level, in any combination. Parent and community member volunteers are nominated through PTA. Teacher committee members are selected by EASO.

Individual SLTs have the flexibility of determining the frequency and duration of meetings based on building needs. A quorum of at least 50% of the BLT membership with representation from each of the three constituent groups–administrators, teachers and parents–is required for each meeting.

Audit Committee/Finance Advisory Council

The Audit Committee oversees and reports to the Board of Education on the annual audit of district records. The committee is comprised of Board members, parents and community members who possess financial, auditing and accounting experience. The Finance Advisory Council reviews and discusses topics related to school finances, and offers multiple perspectives on how the district financially supports its educational program. Committee member openings are posted publicly when vacancies arise.

Curriculum Council

The Curriculum Council, a standing advisory committee to the Superintendent, is focused on the ongoing improvement of the district’s educational program. Through its review of proposed program changes and proposed committee charges, the Council seeks to provide students with rigorous educational programs; support the district’s mission, goals and priorities; and, meet and exceed New York State standards. Parent and community member volunteers are nominated through PTA.

District Technology Committee

The Technology Committee explores existing and emerging technologies and curricula and evaluate their relevance to the district. Its mandate is to assure that the District stays current with new and emerging technologies, measures the progress in adding new technologies into existing curriculum, and reports findings and recommendations. Parent and community member volunteers are nominated through PTA.

Health & Safety Committee

The Health & Safety Committee is a forum for members to discuss building needs and issues and share inspection status updates. The committee is chaired by the Facilities Director and comprised of representatives from the Facilities Department, each school building, the Rockland BOCES Health, Safety & Security Office and the Board of Education. Meetings are open to the public.

Health & Wellness Committee

Promoting a healthy environment for students and staff is the Health & Wellness Committee’s focus. The committee assesses and monitors the district’s Wellness Policy and guidelines, and recommends proposed changes to the Board of Education. Parent and community member volunteers are nominated through PTA.

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee reviews activities targeting the achievement of teaching and learning goals and recommends adjustments according to the most recent New York State Education Department Commissioner’s Regulations, the district’s Professional Development Plan and teacher’s current needs. Parent and community member volunteers are nominated through PTA.