South Orangetown Central School District

School Events & Trips

School Events

Status of Standardized Testing: The April ACT and May SAT and Subject tests have been canceled by their respective sponsoring companies and, as of March 20, the College Board has reported that “traditional, face-to-face” AP exams will not be held and that it is investing in an “at-home testing option.”  Our Technology Department is awaiting information from the College Board regarding its at-home testing platform. In the meantime, the College Board is posting detailed updates regarding SAT and AP exams on its website here and emailing information directly to registered students. The ACT has posted a similar page here. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to review this information.

The June Regents Exams were canceled and the New York State 3-8 Assessments, K-12 NYSESLATs and Alternative Assessments have been suspended for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.


  • Board of Education Meetings (April 1 and April 7)


  • Superintendent’s Conference Day was moved from March 20 to March 16 (virtual event)
  • Unused snow days were moved from April 8 and 20 to March 17 and 18
  • Spring Recess was moved to from April 9-17 to March 19-27
  • Memorial Day (March 25) was moved to March 30
  • Annual Board of Education Election and School District Budget Vote moved from May 19 to June 1
  • CLE Gr. 5 to SOMS for Gr. 6 Orientation moved from May 21 to June 8


  • SOMS Spring Musical (March 20-22)
  • TZHS Spring Musical (March 27-29)
  • TZHS Interact Theatre Cafe (March 29)
  • Tom Kersting/“Disconnected” Presentation (March 31)
  • SOMS Incoming Gr. 6 Parent/Student Orientation (April 2)
  • BOE Candidates Forum (April 28)
  • SOMS Concerts I and II (May 4 and May 6)


All school field trips have been canceled. All 2020 NYSSMA solo festivals and major ensemble festivals have been canceled.

  • 7th/8th Grade “Frozen” Musical Trip (March 11)
  • TZHS Multicultural Show (March 13)
  • We the People (March 14)
  • 8th Grade “Call of the Wild” Trip (March 16)
  • FEC Playgroups
  • TZHS-SOMS Reflections Reception (March 25)
  • CPSE Safety Net Program (March 19, March 26, April 2)
  • Community Blood Drive (March 19)
  • SOCES PTA Meeting (March 19)
  • K-5 Family Math Night (March 19)
  • 2nd Grade Stage Left “Aladdin” (March 23, 25, 26, 27, 31)
  • FEC Parent Workshop: Nurturing Self-Confidence (March 23)
  • TZHS PTSA Meeting (March 25)
  • SOCES Family Fun Night (March 27)
  • FEC Family Night Under the Stars (March 30)
  • 4th Grade Publishing Party (April 1)
  • TZHS ACT Exam (April 4)
  • 7th Grade Bronx Zoo Trip (April 7)
  • CLE History Alive Assembly (April 7)
  • CLE Story Pirates Assembly (April 30)
  • TZHS SAT Exam & Subject Tests (May 2)
  • CLE Bronx Zoo Trip (May 6)
  • CLE West Point Trip (May 13)
  • SOMS Washington DC Trip (May 14-15)
  • WOS Field Trips to Turtle Back Zoo, Bear Mountain Zoo, Stage Left Theatre and PepsiCo and the May 19 Story Pirates Assembly


All international student trips have been cancelled/postponed.