South Orangetown Central School District

PTA | Red & White

Getting involved with our PTAs and TZ Red & White Booster Club are a great way to learn about and support South Orangetown students!

The South Orangetown Central School District PTAs partner with parents, teachers, administrators and support staff to enrich students’ school experience and encourage life-long learning, as well as advocate for sound education policy on a national, state, local and district level.

Please note that these are not official district sites and are not managed or monitored by South Orangetown Central School District.

The TZ Red & White Booster Club is a sports booster club dedicated to raising funds to support all athletes for all sports teams at Tappan Zee High School and South Orangetown Middle School. In addition, the club works in conjunction with the Athletic Office to foster school spirit. Facebook | Instagram.

The Wednesday Update contains information from the South Orangetown PTAs and TZ Red & White and is emailed weekly to our school district community via ParentSquare when schools are in session. These organizations also use their own social media feeds to communicate about activities and events.