South Orangetown Central School District

Strategic Planning

Focus Areas

Five focus areas to guide our District’s efforts towards providing a high-quality education for all students. Resources will be directed to where they are most impactful: engaging young learners with an instructional program that reflects relevant curriculum taught by highly-qualified staff.

  • Focus Area A – Promote Academic Success (Curriculum & Instruction): To provide all students with equitable access to a respectful learning environment in which their racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity is valued and contributes to opportunities to learn, explore, grow, and create new knowledge.
  • Focus Area B – Develop Human Resources and Professional Capacity (Staff Relations): Steward the District’s efforts in recruiting, developing and retaining staff members.
  • Focus Area C – Enhance Communication and Foster Engagement (Technology): The South Orangetown Central School District is committed to engaging all stakeholders to enhance student success.
  • Focus Area D – Enhance the Health and Safety of our School Community (Pupil Personnel Services): To deliver high-quality services, programs and supports to meet the demanding needs of our students academically, socially and emotionally while building a culture of respect and tolerance.
  • Focus Area E – Develop Management Systems that Emphasize Quality Control and Continuous Improvement (Financial Services): Manage and allocate resources in a transparent, efficient manner to support the District’s strategic plan.


In 2016-17, our Board of Education and administrative team initiated the development of strategic plan to guide efforts to provide a high-quality education for all our students. We invited the entire school district community to contribute to this process; more than 2,500 students, staff, parents and community members provided feedback through our Community Strategic Planning Survey and dozens participated in focus group sessions which helped to shape the five focus areas.

Please consider joining one of our PTAs or committees, attending our athletics and performing arts events, or volunteering as a guest speaker or mentor professional. South Orangetown Central School District’s “roadmap for student success” is a journey that we need to make together.

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