South Orangetown Central School District

Board of Education Responsibilities

It is the intent of the Board of Education to comply with the letter and the spirit of the New York State Education Law; with the regulations of the Department of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Transportation and with the Commissioner of Education’s regulations and decisions pertinent to student transportation.

The Board of Education recognizes and assumes the responsibility for all aspects of the transportation of children wherein the health and safety of students are involved. The Board of Education has a legal obligation to safeguard the welfare of district eligible children. This implies that the Board is responsible for the safety of the children transported and further implies that in no way shall education suffer as a result of transportation or lack thereof.

The purposes of the transportation program is to provide safe transportation for students to and from school, to extracurricular activities, on field trips, and those requiring special services.


623 Western Highway
Blauvelt, NY 10913
Hours: 7:30am-4:30pm
(845) 680-1662/3
General Transportation Email

Michelle Stevens
Transportation Coordinator
(845) 680-1663

Amanda Eichner
Principal Clerk
(845) 680-1662