South Orangetown Central School District

Principal Responsibilities

The following represents a summary of each school principal’s responsibilities related to pupil transportation:

  • Enforce board policies relating to the transportation of children
  • Assist the Transportation Department in providing a school bus safety program and enforce its regulations
  • Work with the Transportation Supervisor resolving problems relating to the transportation of children
  • Maintain proper standards of pupil conduct on a school bus in cooperation with Transportation Department staff
  • Help students recognize the important duties of the bus driver and respect for his/her directions
  • Provide for supervision of loading and unloading school buses with the assistance of school staff
  • Support the school bus driver in taking whatever disciplinary action is necessary in order to maintain behavior on a school bus. Assigning seats may be warranted in specific instances.
  • Enforce the regulations prohibiting the transportation of large and/or hazardous items on buses
  • Notify parents as soon as possible if students who ride buses are to be detained after school for any reason
  • Consult with parents concerning infractions of safety rules committed by their children. If a student is suspended from the privilege of riding a school bus by the Principal the suspension shall be communicated directly to the parent or guardian of the child. It is the district’s practice that a suspension shall not become effective until proper notification is made to the parent or guardian. See Disciplinary Procedures for more information.
  • Report to the Transportation Department all violations relating to the safe operation of buses assigned to transport children.
  • Conduct bus safety drills in conjunction with the Transportation Department Staff as outlined under Title 8. Section 156.3 of the Educational Law.


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General Transportation Email

Michelle Stevens
Transportation Coordinator
(845) 680-1663

Amanda Eichner
Principal Clerk
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