South Orangetown Central School District

Internet & School Network Acceptable Use Policy

Access to the Internet and the school computer network is a privilege, not a right.

Be Safe
Passwords are secret. Don’t share your password or use anyone else’s password.  It’s like stealing a key and is an invasion of privacy. Never reveal personal information including your or another’s personal address and telephone number. Never transmit credit card information.

Be Yourself
Never use anyone else’s name or account. Do not post anonymous messages.

Be Honest
Observe copyright laws. Be certain to cite sources properly. Do not transfer any commercial software onto school computers.

Be Polite
Do not insult or lie about anyone or use offensive language, not even in private messages to friends. This includes materials created off-school and accessed at school. Do not send or access pornographic materials or files containing racial, ethnic or minority slurs. Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks and other antisocial behaviors are prohibited.

Be Fair
Use the Internet, which includes email and IM for schoolwork only. Do not use for commercial purposes or political lobbying (excluding student government).

Be Considerate
Do not waste time online.

Be Careful
Do not download or transmit any file with a computer virus. Do not violate federal, state, or local laws.

Be Alert
Report any security problems, violations or abuses to your teacher.

Be Responsible
Users shall not intentionally seek information about, obtain copies of, or modify files, other data, or passwords belonging to other users. Hardware or software shall not be destroyed, damaged, modified or abused in any way. Users are not allowed to install software from any source without permission from a system administrator.

Conditions of Usage

Electronic material that I transmit or store is not private. The district reserves the right to monitor activity, access files, and edit or remove any material stored on the system.

South Orangetown Central School District does not guarantee the network will provide all the information I may need, or that the Network will be error-free or uninterrupted. Certain websites may be blocked by the district’s Internet filter.

Any violation of the regulations is unethical and may constitute a criminal offense. Should a student commit any violation, his/her access privileges may be suspended or revoked and disciplinary action will be taken.


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George Brady
Director of Technology
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Gayle Fitzpatrick
Secretary to the Director of Technology
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Jon Jon Federic Chua
Information Services Specialist – Data Admin
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Information Services Specialist – Network
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