South Orangetown Central School District

Disciplinary Procedures

School bus safety is paramount. Students who violate the school bus safety rules will be written up by the driver. The principal will be notified and the student may have their school bus privileges suspended. Because we seek to assure uniform treatment of our students, the following schedule of disciplinary actions will be followed throughout the district by the building administration:

  • 1st Violation: Parent notified of violation
  • 2nd Violation: Parent notified, conference with parent, pupil and principal.
  • 3rd Violation: Parent notified, bus privileges suspended for up to five (5) school days
  • 4th Violation: Parent notified, bus privileges suspended for up to ten (10) school days
  • 5th Violation: Parent notified, bus privileges suspended for up to twenty (20) school days
  • 6th Violation: Parent notified, bus privileges revoked for remainder of the school year

NOTE: If a violation, even the first, constitutes a serious danger to any individual, then a conference shall be required as outlined under 2nd Violation, above, and bus privileges may be suspended immediately for a minimum of five (5) days.

Video Cameras
In accordance with Board Policy 8210.1, video cameras may be used on school buses. Video may be used to monitor, support and further document reports of incidents on a school bus. Viewing of a video will be permitted at the students primary school, Transportation office or at the central administration offices.

It is extremely important for all parents and students to note that students will be held accountable to the district’sĀ Code of Conduct. This pertains to any South Orangetown student, whether attending a school in the district or out of the district.


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General Transportation Email

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