South Orangetown Central School District

Strategic Planning

In 2016-17, our Board of Education and administrative team initiated the development of a three-year strategic plan to guide our efforts toward providing a high-quality education for all our students.

We invited the entire school district community to contribute to this process and you responded! More than 2,500 students, staff, parents and community members provided feedback through our Community Strategic Planning Survey last winter and dozens participated in focus group sessions last spring. Your thoughtful contributions helped to shape the five focus areas listed below. Our leadership is in the process of finalizing performance indicators to measure our district’s progress—in fact, work is already underway.

But, this is just the beginning! By sharing this strategic planning update, we invite you to stay tuned and get involved. Please consider joining one of our PTAs or committees, attending our athletics and performing arts events, or volunteering as a guest speaker or mentor professional. South Orangetown Central School District’s “Roadmap for Student Success” is a journey that we need to make together.


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Vision Statement

The South Orangetown School District’s vision is to ELEVATE, ENGAGE and INSPIRE our students by building a culture of:

  • High expectations where students will possess the knowledge and skills that will prepare them for a variety of post-graduation options (ELEVATE)
  • Healthy, productive, and supportive relationships between students, staff, families, and the community
  • Equitable access to opportunities in order for students and staff to pursue their full potential as responsible citizens and lifelong learners (INSPIRE)

Focus Areas

With feedback from students, staff, parents and community members, the South Orangetown Central School District Board of Education and administrative team identified five focus areas to guide the school district’s efforts towards providing a high-quality education for all students. Resources will be directed to where they are most impactful: engaging young learners with an instructional program that reflects relevant curriculum taught by highly-qualified staff.

  • Focus Area A – Promote Academic Success: To promote academic success, the District will continue its efforts to provide students with 21st Century learning opportunities, enhance student literacy, address the needs of diverse learners and foster a respectful learning environment.
  • Focus Area B – Develop Human Resources and Professional Capacity: To develop professional capacity, the South Orangetown Central School District is committed to developing
    a highly-engaged employee community and nurturing a professional culture that allows employees to be actively engaged in lifelong learning.
  • Focus Area C – Improve Communication and Foster Community Engagement: The South Orangetown Central School District is committed to engaging all stakeholders to enhance student success.
  • Focus Area D – Enhance the Health and Safety of our School Community: The South Orangetown Central School District will support a culture based on high expectations for healthy and safe
    behaviors while promoting respect and good citizenship.
  • Focus Area E – Develop Management Systems (controls) that Emphasize Quality Control and Continuous Improvement: South Orangetown Central School District will develop and align instructional support infrastructure, leveraging technology, operations and business services to build a culture of alignment and continuous improvement.


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