South Orangetown Central School District

School Support Teams

Each South Orangetown school has a dedicated School Support Team comprised of professionals who deliver a variety of services which include the academic and social-emotional development of students in the context of college and career readiness, mental health and substance use intervention, and  connecting families with key community resources to meet their needs.

School Counseling

School counselors focus on the academic and social-emotional development of students in the context of college and career readiness. Read more on the School Counseling webpage.

School Social Work and Prevention Counseling

Social workers work with all families the district who need mental health counseling and/or access to community supports for a variety of needs, including food and medical care. One social worker serves all elementary (K-5) students; the other provides social worker services to all secondary (6-12) students.

School prevention counselors, who are also credentialed social workers, serve the entire student body of their assigned building and focus on mental health and substance use prevention and collaborate with school counselors, social workers and health teachers on issues such as chronic absenteeism. School prevention counselors serve in our secondary buildings only (7-12).

School Psychology

School psychologists provide direct mental health support and interventions to help students to successfully access their education and consult with building administrators, staff and Counseling Department colleagues to enhance support strategies. They provide mandated counseling for students with disabilities, as well as facilitate groups to support students in various areas related to social skills and executive function. They are the primary chairs for the Committee on Special Education within their buildings. In addition, school psychologists also chair Child Study Teams at their respective schools, which are a forum for administrators, case managers, nurses, Pupil Personnel Services and Response to Intervention staff meet to discuss, plan interventions, and collaborate on supporting students who are struggling with social-emotional, behavioral, home and/or academic issues.


New York State General Education and Diploma Requirements
New York State Social Emotional Learning Benchmarks
New York State Mental Health Education Literacy In Schools Comprehensive Guide
New York State School Counseling Association: Understanding Revised NYSED Guidelines for Comprehensive School Counseling/Guidance Programs

School Counselor and Behavior Specialist
Tennille Marino | (845) 680-1354

School Psychologists
Lisa Murphy| (845) 680-1368
Sheyna Ehrenreich| (845) 680-1324

Elementary School Counselor
Stephanie Chahales | (845) 680-1598

School Psychologists
Jenny Graziano| (845) 680-1554
Sean Jones | (845) 680-1545

School Counselors
Philip Farrugia | (845) 680-1107
Patricia Iannucci | (845) 680-1111
Siobhan Maiorano | (845) 680-1109

School Psychologists
Courtney Malka | (845) 680-1112
Lauren Munroe | (845) 680-1023

School Prevention Counselor
Bobbie-Angela Wong | (845) 680-1147

School Social Worker
Jessica Inglis | (845) 680-1028

School Counselors
Randy Altman | (845) 680-1621
Kelly Keane | (845) 680-1615
Kathryn Marks | (845) 680-1620
Jaime Holzer | (845) 680-1616
Glenda Rivera | (845) 680-1611

School Psychologists
Katelin Burns | (845) 680-1613
Bradley Hercman | (845) 680-1610

School Prevention Counselor
Annemarie Scott | (845) 680-1671

School Social Worker
Jessenia Cursio | (845) 680-1775