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COVID-19 Relief Funds

SOCSD American Rescue Plan (ARP)/Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act Funding Proposal
Posted July 1, 2021
As stated during the 2021-22 budget presentation, the District has been allocated $3,696,781 from the American Rescue Plan (ARP)/ Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act – Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund. This is a grant-funded program better known as the ARP/CRRSA ESSER Monies. The District will be spending these funds based on the draft plan that was previously presented to parents and community members. The majority of this grant is targeted to provide services and supports to students to address learning loss and regression and mental health at all four schools. These supports will run in the summer and throughout the school year and allow every student an opportunity to participate.

  • The District has specifically targeted monies to provide additional support for students in the area of reading at the elementary levels.
  • The District is also looking to provide ongoing access to the new instructional tools that students learned to use and found highly engaging, including those for social emotional learning.
  • SOCSD is also seeking to recoup monies expended related to COVID-19 including, but not limited to, cost of required health and safety training, contact tracing, daily screening tools, cleaning supplies and provision of free school meal service.
  • The District will also recoup monies incurred by purchasing technology equipment for staff and students.
  • The ARP/CRSSA GEER monies are targeted to:
    • Provide direct support for academic needs at the secondary level through the creation of a student academic support center where students can drop in to request assistance at any time during the day. This will be partnered with the new Tappan Zee High School Counseling Center.
    • To provide additional reading support at the secondary level.
    • To expand fall/spring learning institutes.
Activities authorized by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act    $300,000.00
Resources necessary for individual schools      $24,000.00
Activities to address students in need of additional support      $20,424.00
Supplies to clean and sanitize the facilities    $200,000.00
Mental health services      $62,150.00
Summer learning and enrichment activities    $211,000.00
Academic activities to address lost instructional time      $50,000.00
Projects to enhance indoor air quality    $360,000.00

Public comment on the proposed use of ARP funding ended on August 20, 2021; CRRSA/ESSER and GEER 2 funds ended on June 15, 2021.

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