Bids & RFPs

It is the goal of the Board to purchase competitively, without prejudice or favoritism, and to seek the maximum educational value for every dollar expended. Competitive bids or quotations shall be solicited in connection with purchases pursuant to law. The General Municipal Law requires that purchase contracts for materials, equipment and supplies involving an estimated annual expenditure exceeding $20,000 and public work contracts involving an expenditure of more than $35,000 will be awarded only after responsible bids have been received in response to a public advertisement soliciting formal bids. Purchases of the same commodity cannot be artificially divided for the purpose of avoiding the threshold. Similar procurements to be made in a fiscal year will be grouped together for the purpose of determining whether a particular item must be bid.

The district’s purchasing activity will strive to meet the following objectives:

  1. to effectively supply all administrative units in the school system with needed materials, supplies, and contracted services;
  2. to obtain materials, supplies and contracted services at the lowest prices possible consistent with the quality and standards needed as determined by the Purchasing Agent in conformance with state law and regulation and in cooperation with the requisitioning authority. The educational and physical welfare of the students is the foremost consideration in making any purchase;
  3. to ensure that all purchases fall within the framework of budgetary limitations and that they are consistent with the educational goals and programs of the district;
  4. to maintain an appropriate and comprehensive accounting and reporting system to record and document all purchasing transactions; and
  5. to ensure, through the use of proper internal controls, that loss and/or diversion of district property is prevented.

Opportunities shall be provided to all responsible suppliers to do business with the school district. Suppliers whose place of business is situated within the district may be given preferential consideration only when bids or quotations on an item or service are identical as to price, quality and other factors. Purchases will be made through available cooperative BOCES bids, state contracts of the Office of General Services or county contracts whenever such purchases are in the best interests of the district. In addition, the district will make purchases from correctional institutions and severely disabled persons through charitable or non-profit-making agencies, as provided by law.

View Purchasing Policy 6700

Available RFPS and Bids

Request for Proposal – Architectural & Engineering Services
The Board of Education of the South Orangetown Central School District invites sealed proposals for providing Architectural & Engineering Services. The Request for Proposal, including forms for proposal, certification, conditions, and specifications may be obtained from the District’s Business Office at 160 Van Wyck Road, Blauvelt, New York 10913.

In all cases, it must be understood that the conditions and specifications of the South Orangetown Central School District shall apply. Proposals must be received in sealed, opaque envelopes marked “RFP – Architectural & Engineering Services” and will be accepted until 10:00am on November 3, 2017 at the Business Office. The Board of Education reserves the right to reject all proposals, waive any informality in proposals and to negotiate any portion of proposals.

Proposals will be evaluated on a weighted system established by the District for each of the categories to be reviewed. Any aspects of the service not addressed by specifications are left for the Proposer to address. Alternatives to the specifications or additions to the specifications are to be clearly identified by the Proposer. Click here to view Request for Proposal.

Request for Bid #SOCSD1819 – Printing Services
Copies of specifications and bid forms may be obtained at the office of the District Purchasing Supervisor, South Orangetown Central School District, 160 Van Wyck Road, Blauvelt, NY 10913, Monday through Friday, between 9:00am and 3:00pm. All bids should be clearly marked “SOCSD1819 – Printing Services” and will be accepted until 10:00am EST, Friday, November 3, 2017 at which time said bids shall be publicly opened. Click here to view Request for Bid.


Business Office
160 Van Wyck Road
Blauvelt, NY 10913
Fax: (845) 680-1901

Sandra Winkler, CPA
School Business Administrator
(845) 680-1005

Michele Davis
Administrative Secretary
(845) 680-1002

Laura Zarcone
Supervisor of Fiscal Services, District Treasurer
(845) 680-1008

Deirdre Cavanagh, CPA
Accountant II
(845) 680-1040

Loretta Haugh
Accountant/School Lunch/Grants
(845) 680-1007

Diane Cody
Accounts Payable
(845) 680-1004

Rita Rusak
(845) 680-1001

Candace Perkins
(845) 680-1039